What Makes Grapevine Different

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There are many things that make Grapevine Distributors a standout among its peers.

Grapevine was founded as and remains a closely held family business for over 20 years. The company treats all of its employees like family creating an environment of familiarity, cooperation, and camaraderie between the entire team. The drivers, warehouse, administration, salespeople, management, and ownership all work together to make Grapevine the best distributor in the Carolinas.

When Grapevine Distributors was established the company mentor, Joel Cohen, was a Vice-President for Dreyfus, Ashby & Co. so was able to give firsthand knowledge the perspective of the supplier to distributor relationship and vice versa. The result is a long-term relationship of mutual respect, trust, and goals between Grapevine and its suppliers that ultimately benefit the consumer in the best prices available from the wineries.

Our mission to represent only family wineries means they are friends with the winery owners and winemakers. This allows us to ensure that they are receiving the highest quality products, generous allocations, and support for the sales team.

We encourage and support scholarship programs and incentives for our sales force continuing wine education classes, certification, and travel–giving the company the most qualified, well-travelled, educated, and experienced sales team on the street in the Carolinas.

We hire professional delivery drivers and warehouse crew that work independently but closely with the salespeople and their customers to give very professional service.

Grapevine Distributors sells wines to the top tier of retail and restaurant accounts across the Carolinas. Each salesperson has no more than 60 accounts thereby allowing them to give each customer hands on service with a lot of face to face time.

We encourages our sales team to do as many consumer events as possible. Most of the salespeople host two events or more per week in wine shops and restaurants throughout their territory.

The company stores and delivers all of its wine in temperature-controlled warehouses and trucks to ensure that the wine is always at its best no matter the weather.

Through the years the Cohen family has remained entirely hands on. Betty Cohen, CEO, ensures the vision and the mission of Grapevine Distributors is maintained. Joel Cohen, CFO and now retired from Dreyfus Ashby, receives the payments from customers and makes daily deposits. Scott Cohen, President, oversees the daily activities of the company, all compliance, and accounting. Michael Cohen, Director of Sales and Marketing, works with the wineries, sales managers, and sales team, to market and sell the wines Grapevine represents. David Cohen, Vice-President of Operations, runs the daily warehouse operations including maintenance of the inventory, manages the drivers and warehouse personnel, as well as the company delivery system.

Each point, taken on its own, makes Grapevine a standout company. All the points together make us stand above other wine distribution companies in the Carolinas.

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