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Grapevine is a family business…not just because the owners are an immediate family, but because everyone who works at Grapevine is a considered a member of that family. In a time where wine distributors are consolidating and employees are becoming simply another number in the equation, we remain on a mission and values close relationship with its employees.

We are not a company of Facebook friends linked only by emails and video conferences. The sales team maintains an educational edge by gathering in Concord once a month to taste wine, learn from our suppliers, and share ideas. Twice a year the sales team meets for extended weekends to discuss sales goals and intentionally setting aside free time to bond.

When the staff isn’t working in the field or meeting, they further broaden their experiences by traveling together around the wine world. Many even take off together to California and Oregon the two weeks the company is closed.

Grapevine is considered a company where the mission is part of the relationship: we’re our own small family, dedicated to representing the small families of the vast wine world.

Darren Royer

Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Pittsboro, Durham, Burlington

Grant MacCoy

Charleston region (Corporate off-premise) & Florence

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