Kloster Kloster Reutberg Josefi Bock

Kloster Kloster Reutberg Josefi Bock

The Reutberger Brewery nun’s patron saint is St. Joseph and to commemorate his sainthood they brew this seasonal Josefi Bock in his honor. The beautiful light red color is a product of the precise blending of 50% light and 50% dark malts . It takes 3-5 months of laagering to produce this perfect beer. A time well spent as attest by the slightly sweet taste perfectly balanced with a touch of bitterness. At 6.9% alcohol this strong beer is surprisingly easy to drink.

Country: Germany

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In 1618, from the consequences of a sacred vow , Countess Anna from Pienzenau cleared a mountain and established a monester for fransiscan nuns named Kloster Reutberg. Seeing as nuns were working on technical advancements and agriculture she never thought that they would prefer beer to water at mealtime. In 1677, the nun’s thirst got the better of them ad they petitioned the local government to produce beer for their own consumption. Two years later a Fransiscan lay brother joined the monestary as a brewing assistant. Since te beer was supposed to be only for their personal consumption, it should be made as cheeply as possible. to attain these goals, the nuns grew their own barley and hops in a field near by called Hopengarten. The barley annd hops that go into our beer today comes from this same field and tradition.

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