• CUNE Rosado

    CUNE Rosado

    Country: Spain
    Region: Rioja
    An elegant strawberry red with a reminiscence of a light blue hue. Has a great aromatic intensity of red fruits resulting in a lighter presence of the tempranillo variety. Light and balanced on the mouth the sensations of the aroma are prolonged in the mouth . It is perfect as an aperitif or served with, rice, pasta, fish soup, and even oriental food .
  • Slices Rose Sangria
    Using Tempranillo, Spain’s most famous red variety, our winemaker creates a silky smooth rosé by allowing the grapes to remain in contact with the skins for only a short period of time. He then blends the wine with natural fruit juices including lemons, limes and strawberries. Fragrant, crisp and refreshing, this is a wine with elegance and style.