Longboard Point Break Red, North Coast, California

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Longboard Point Break Red, North Coast, California

Longboard Cabernet Sauvignon - Blend North Coast California

Longboard was born from the passion of Oded Shakked, surfer first, winemaker later, who brings a unique perspective to winemaking, or rather winegrowing as he prefers to call it.

A key Oded insight: Surfing and winemaking are essentially solo activities that can reach across gender, social, economic and age boundaries, creating communities of passionate apostles who know a good wave ? and a good wine ? when they experience one.

Winery Notes / Critics Reviews

Oded's version of a "Regional Blend" .

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and a bit of Merlot and Malbec come together to express a sense of place.

This wine takes the best characters from different varieties and blends them to a consistent flavor profile, much like a Point Break does with swells originating from far away places, arranging them for surfers to enjoy.

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