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Rinku?kiai Lithuania Lithuania

The godfather of brewery "Rinku?kiai" can be considered of Jonas ?ygas, he was known as one of the best beer maker of Bir?ai.

Jonas ?ygas makes barley beer for christenings, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations.

Soviet officials was not ashamed to carry of his brewed beer for highest authorities.

Brewing secrets Rimantas teaches from his father.

Rimantas ?ygas have suggested Sigitas Kalkys to the beer business.

Beer was started in Petras Kalkys and Sigitas Kalkys urban-type house, based in Bir?ai village.

Rimantas ?ygas brought from his father's brewing technology, Sigitas Kalkys with University degree in civil engineering, has taken the technical part.

Later the building was rebuilt, the owners are buying new equipment and continued to refine the brewery.

It is grown to the current brewery Rinku?kiai brewery, the Lithuanian beer market, holding an honorable 5th place.

Winery Notes / Critics Reviews

This blonde dopple pours a bright clear orange color with a quickly dissipating head of big white bubbles that leaves lacing.

Nose of apples, light citrus orange, caramel malts, and a lot of purge grain alcohol booze.

Flavors are caramel coated apple meets a light citrus orange or mandarin, followed by a large grain note on the back with searing alcoholic warmth.

An interesting take on a blonde dopplebock.

Strong warmth from the booze, sweet aftertaste, and smooth slick mouth feel.

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