Barrel 27 Syrah Right Hand Man, Central Coast, California

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Barrel 27 Syrah Right Hand Man, Central Coast, California

Barrel 27 Syrah Central Coast California

We work.

We work hard to make good wine.

You work.

You work hard and need good wine.

You might have money, but maybe you?re like us.

We make Barrel 27 wines for people like us.

If you work, and we mean work hard, and you need to drink good wine, and still make your mortgage payments, car payments, kid payments and pet payments, we?re here for you.

Our goal is to make wine that works hard at helping hard working America relax for a minute, take a load off, and remove the nose from the grindstone for a while.

We hope you enjoy them.

Winery Notes / Critics Reviews

The wine possesses a deep black garnet color and a powerhouse nose of black plum, blackberry and black cherry fruits, with floral elements of lavender, candy mint and violets, followed up by notes of black pepper, tarry creosote, cola berry, blood orange and dried cranberry.

The dense, rich mouth is dominated by dark plum and blackberry fruit with flavors of Chinese Black tea, anise/black licorice, rose water, red grapefruit and warm crŠme brulee.

The wine's long finish is dominated by fruit, spice and a long graphite and soil note.

Great acidity and excellent tannin provide the perfect structure for the biggest Right Hand Man to date!

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