Abundance Zinfandel "Old Vine" Mencarini Vineyards, Lodi, California

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Abundance Zinfandel "Old Vine" Mencarini Vineyards, Lodi, California

Abundance Zinfandel Lodi California

Abundance Vineyards is a family owned and operated boutique winery.

It has evolved from hard work and creative minds melding together to create over a decade of quality, fine standing wines.

The owners, Dino and Ron Mencarini, have been pioneers in the Lodi winegrowing region since before 1951.

Their passion for the industry brought about their interest in producing great wines for an even greater value.

The family lives by the philosophy of ?Good friends, good food and good wine bring about an ABUNDANTLY good time!?

Winery Notes / Critics Reviews

This gentle and elegant Zinfandel is designed to accompany rich foods such as pasta, rich cheese and red meats, while not overpowering them.

A soft and elegant, plum fruit with a slight flavor of the vineyard open up this medium bodied wine with many layers and a lovely balance of ripe fruit and oak, followed with a medium long fruit and oak finish.

Your experience with this wine will open with a dark, dense ruby color followed by jammy plum and ripe blackberry nose with a touch of oak.

A perfect wine to share with friends and family over a hearty meal.

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