Schoenramer Schoenramer Gold

Schoenramer Schoenramer Gold

A robust special Lager with a slight scent of violent and rose buds and a touch of sweetness on the finiish. Pale gold in color but strong in alcohol, the Gold is perfect for special occassions. Our regular customers drink it daily, however, and consider it a true statement of our handmade quality

Country: Germany

Winery/Brewery Info

Alfred Oberlindober is the ninth generation direct descendant of the Schlomram family to run the brewery. Schonramer prides itself on brewing beer in a very traditional style using modern technology. It is the only brewery in the world to use a single barely malt strain called Barke, four times tthe price of other barley Malt. This strain has 2 characteristics that set it apart. First it brews up ver y elegant beers with floral notes of rose petals, violet, and lavender. Secondly, the barely malt when used exclusively gives tthe beers a viscose quality such that when consumed the beers will actually coat and lubriccate your throat. Thus the more beer you drink the more beer you can drink.

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