Quintodecimo Aglianico

Quintodecimo Aglianico

Terra d’Eclano is produced with grapes from five separate vineyards entirely with Aglianico grapes. It is a seductive and elegant wine with complex aromas of berries, plums, licorice, and coffee. It has an enveloping structure with soft and silky tannins and a long finish with freshness and elegant mineral prevailing along with notes of balsamic and spices. The high complexity and the deep structure of Aglianico, grown directly in the vineyards, give terre d’eclano an extraordinary ability for long ageing in the bottle.

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Country: Italy
Region: Campania

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The Quintodecimo estate is located in a mountainous interior known as Irpinia. It is a beautiful area where climate, soil and vines coexist in an extraordinary balance that has fortified over the centuries to the point of creating ideal natural conditions for the production of high quality wines. The climate, because of the Apennine ridge, is characterized by abundant rainfall (average annual rainfall 600-800 mm), extreme temperatures, snowy winters and mild summers, with average temperatures which are never excessive. The Irpinia landscape is very original for an environment in southern Italy. The visitor, in fact, will not find sunny plains, hills scorched by the sun, or blistering heat. Instead, he will find endless greenery with lakes, woods and mountains covered, often up to the peak, with chestnut, beech and oak trees. Quintodecimo is in Mirabella Eclano in the heart of the Taurasi DOCG distribution area. It is located about 80 km north-east of Naples on the crest of a small hill facing northwest with a gradient of 25% to 460 meters above sea level 41 ° 02 ’80” north latitude and 14 ° 59′ 41” of east longitude.

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