Gandona “Encosta” Cabernet Sauvignon

Gandona “Encosta” Cabernet Sauvignon

Offers bright and dynamic aromas of raspberries and red cherries that are superimposed with cardamom, nutmeg, caramel and honeysuckle. Rich milk chocolate, pomegranate and framboise are layered onto fine-grained tannins. An interplay of burnt sugar and rhubarb integrate seamlessly into the well-structured toasted oak. 98% Cabernet Sauvignon; 2% Petit Verdot.

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Country: United States
State: California

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The Art of winemaking at Gandona is rooted in the age-old practice of apprenticeship, and the unique bond between mentor and protégé. The result is a tight-knit team well versed in tending to their craft and dedicated to the stewardship of land and the development of hand-crafted wines.

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