Fanal Madeira Rainwater

Fanal Madeira Rainwater

Medium-bodied, sweet. This beautiful amber colored wine has clean aromas of nuts and fruit. While the palate is sweet, the finish is balanced and fresh with plenty of acidity. Great as an aperitif, with a meal or as dessert, Rainwater Madeira drinks well alone or with foods. Pair with appetizers, rich mushroom soups, bisques, foie gras and paté. Serve cool.

Country: Portugal
Region: Madeira

Winery/Brewery Info

The great fortified wines of Portugal are wonderfully suited for the winter time because of their fruit concentration, higher alcohol (around 20%), and durability after opening. Once very popular with Dutch and English traders – as well as with our Colonial American ancestors (our Declaration of Independence was toasted with Madeira), it’s time for modern Americans to discover this fortified wine again. The island of Madeira (located in the Atlantic Ocean several hundred miles from the shores of Portugal) has been making wines for 500 years. As a convenient way-point en route to the New World, sailors would stop off and get this fortified, slightly oxidized wine which was intended to withstand a sun baked journey over the ocean.

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