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I have been associated with Grapevine Distributors for about 10 years. I can tell you that there is no better family to do business with. Grapevine has an in depth understanding of what it takes in the wine market to get your product placed. Times have changed and Grapevine has stepped up to meet the new challenge. I have found them to be always on time when they pay us. It is a stand up group, that I am proud to have represent David Arthur Vineyards in both North and South Carolina.

David Arthur Long, Owner - David Arthur Vineyards

As a small family winery, our goal is to work with family distributors who give good service.  Grapevine is the perfect example of what we look for.   We have been pleased to work with Michael, Scott and David for many years and look forward to being represented by them for many more.

Jo Ann Truchard, Owner - Truchard Vineyards

We like that Grapevine Distributors is a family owned business. Our limited production wines do not get lost in a mega portfolio and our wines are given the attention we think they deserve. The team is enthusiastic about our wines and we are pleased with the placements.   Their portfolio is strong and their other suppliers complement our brand in approach and style of winemaking. The team does a good job telling not only our story but also that of Washington State as a world class wine producing region. 

Celia Congdon, National Sales Manager, Andrew Will Winery

Working with Grapevine has been a treat.  The size of the company is an ideal fit for me, because I am able to get the extra attention I need to run my wine programs.  There service is prompt, courteous, and direct with special care to each one of my locations individual needs.  They just "get it", and understand when to engage, and when not to, and someone is always available.  Grapevine has catered an entire list to my budget, while keeping it interesting, and delicious.  My customers are very happy with the wine I pour.

Casey Glowacki, Five Loaves Cafe/Sesame burgers and beers, Charleston, SC

We have been with Grapevine Distributors since they started in selling Oregon wine (how long has it been 15 years?).  They are the most conscientious responsive distributor I have ever worked with.  They support the major items in your line and don't just cherry pick. They work with you to set up promotions if there is a specific wine you want to move.  Lastly, they pay their bills.  I could not ask for a better distributor.

Myron Redford, President, Amity Vineyards

It has been our pleasure to work with Grapevine Distributors for the past 10 years.  Grapevine maintains a first class operation.  They are extremely professional, and their salespersons are knowledgeable, polite, and are respected by their customers.

Tom George, Owner, Frontier Imports

"Michelle Gibson's love of wine is truly infectious! I have known her for years and she is one of the best. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and shares that knowledge with a joy and sense of humor that keeps me coming back for more!"

Stephanie C., Consumer - Greensboro, NC

I have known and worked with James for the past 8 years, in two different businesses. He is very knowledgeable about his products, professional to work with, and brings energy and enthusiasm about what he offers that is very rarely seen elsewhere, in my opinion."

Devin Allen, Wine Shop- Rivergate, Charlotte, NC

"In April, I opened a new restaurant, The Red Minnow, in Central, S.C.  Beginning with the months leading up to the opening of the restaurant, Grapevine Distributors has gone above and beyond my expectations. Initially, we tasted many great wines together to create my unique wine list. Now, I receive staff training, and weekly wine features options which my staff, and customers are eager to learn about.  We receive excellent support from Steve Hadden, and timely and helpful service from Wayne, their driver.  I would encourage other restaurateurs, planning to open a fine dining full service restaurant, to strongly consider Grapevine as partner in helping them to be successful through those difficult and crucial first six months."

Jeff Opperman, Owner-Chef - Red Minnow, Central, SC

"Melanie, I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all of your quality service over these past couple years. You know how hectic this business can be and I appreciate always being able to count on you and Grapevine to fulfill the needs of the club and myself. Out of the 7-8 distributors I work with, you and your company have always been the most stress-free and well run. I know that might not sound like much, but it goes a long way in my book (and my bosses!). Please forward this on to your boss and everyone that works hard for Grapevine. You guys are the best! Thanks."

Brian Fay, Operations Manager/Wine Director - River Run Country Club, Davidson, NC

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