When the weekend forecast is 90+ degrees and all of the white shorts and white shoes have been released from their winter dungeons, it’s time for the first trip to the coast.

My only hesitation is…the wine.

I find the fare and vino at many coastal towns to be a bit lacking. I often end up at a restaurant called Ocean…something or Pier….something and the seafood is fried and the wine can be found in every grocery chain on the east coast.

Generally my solution is a small suitcase of skimpy clothing and a big cooler of great wines…I get most of my meals to go, usually ask for a little extra sauce and anything that will make the food taste better and I dine out on the sand on a picnic blanket with a bottle of some lovely little rose or obscure white…served in my plastic tumbler, of course, as to not upset the local law enforcement.

Imagine my surprise as I end up looking at the “to-go” menu of one of these sea-side establishments, and finding a soft-shelled crab and fried green tomato napoleon with roasted red pepper hollandase! Intrigued, I asked for a wine list and…low and behold…a French Muscadet! So I opted to sit at the bar and order a grand portion of raw oysters on the halfshell and the very yummy crab and tomato napoleon. The Muscadet was perfect with both…the briny oysters danced in the popping acidity and the creamy hollandase floated on the zippy zesty flavors. I was even more excited to find out the Muscadet was Chateau de L’Hyverniere…and it is carried by my lovely new employer…Grapevine Distributors!

So yes, that one will be added to the array of delicious wines I carry to the coast each summer. And, if i can remember what the name of that Ocean…something or Pier…something restaurant was…I will surely eat and drink there again!!