Welcome to my world as a sales rep for a fine wine distributor in western North Carolina.  Yes, it is the best job in the world.  My day is spent mostly talking to people, tasting wines, and talking about how great the wines are.  As with any job there are other less fun aspects, and bad days can get ugly, but for the most part I work with interesting knowledgeable people who are passionate about wine.  Depending on the stop I can expect to hear about wine in history, genetics and the lineage of grape varietals, lots of local gossip, and new ways to swear (I go to a lot of restaurants).

Better than all that I’m in Western North Carolina (WNC) where the people are great!  I’m not just a guy trying to get people to pick up some wine so I can make some money this month.  People invite me into their homes to taste their wine.  I get to know the kids, the pets, and the nude hiking spots.  Every time someone says, “I trust you, send me a case of something good for this weekend”, I get a little choked up.

The other great things about WNC are the hiking, music, golf, fishing, weather, food, camping, biking, and breathtaking scenery.  I’ve gone hiking with buyers from accounts and tasted wines on the hike.  If I could golf I would do it then but the laughing gets in the way of taking the wine seriously.

So, next time I see you at a tasting and I’m boring you with detailed information about the soil composition of some vineyard, you can always change the subject to the job, the area (WNC), or the hiking.