The best way to learn the wine business from the winery’s perspective is to make your own wine. That wasn’t our intention at the end of 2007 when our friends at Highflyer called us about a great opportunity to buy some grapes from the Doctor’s vineyard. Along the way we learned. First we paid the bill to contract for the grapes and wine making in 2008 and then in 2009 the bottles, corks and capsules. Our anticipation and excitement built as we tasted the wine then awaited it’s time to sell. Finally we got our government approved label onto the bottle and the wine was ready to drink…in December 2010! We eventually received our wine in the Carolinas early 2011.

Investing money, time, work, while waiting three years really gives us a true appreciation for what it takes the wineries we represent to make a great wine.

We are very excited to introduce our first wine, The Grind Pinot Noir, a tribute to the hard working people at Grapevine Distributors and all hard working people everywhere.