Priscilla Thrower

Priscilla Thrower

priscilla thrower

Priscilla Thrower

Greenville, SC

A Member of Grapveine’s Family since 2014

With the original idea of  a career as a chef Priscilla came into the wine business almost by accident. Working for several years behind the scenes as a cook she reluctantly decided to move to the front of the house and see what life was like on the other side.

With no knowledge of wine other than “I think I like Merlot”, the other side was fairly intimidating. Fortunately, the “Ah Ha” moment happened early for her when a customer was generous enough to offer her a glass of 1990 Amarone.


With the help of her sommelier, Priscilla quickly and eagerly started absorbing as much information as possible and gathering literature to advance her knowledge. Working as a server, a bartender, and eventually in restaurant management over the next few years the decision to transition into distribution seemed very natural.

Still a newbie with just over 2 years in the industry, Priscilla is making good use of her restaurant background and is continuing wine education as a top priority.

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