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Bringing family made wines from around the world to the families of the Carolinas


"Bringing family made wines from around the world to the families of the Carolinas"

In 1991 Betty Cohen founded Grapevine Distributors. Her mission was to "bring family made wines from around the world to the families of the Carolinas." Today Grapevine Distributors continues to accomplish its mission but has also accomplished much more. Grapevine Distributors, with its first in the state air conditioned box truck and fully air conditioned warehouse, set the standards by which all distributors in the Carolinas operate today. Grapevine was the first true state-wide distributor in North Carolina and followed up that feat by becoming the first distributor covering both North and South Carolina. Grapevine Distributors is today, by far, the largest full service distributor selling wine and servicing accounts across both the Carolinas.

Beyond Grapevine's success in expanding throughout the Carolinas are its employees. Grapevine Distributors employs 30 people across our distribution network...from the exceptional warehouse and office staff to our efficient trustworthy drivers, to our well educated and world travelled sales and management team. That's a long way from its humble beginnings with family members crisscrossing the states selling and delivering wine.

After starting solely with Dreyfus Ashby products, Grapevine grew to become and remain the number one distributor, outside of OR, WA, or CA, for Oregon wines. Grapevine's ability to turn Oregon Pinot Noir into a Carolinas phenomenon set them firmly in the market place as a permanent fixture. Today Grapevine represents nearly 200 family wineries from around the world; not a lot in today's world of mega-distributors. The company joke is that it took 20 years to find these few families that make wine that is and remains up to the company standards.

The next 20 years will be as fruitful as the first as Grapevine looks beyond its traditional distribution goals. Grapevine Imports!, currently importing wines from five different countries, was founded five years ago to buy wines directly from the families who make them thereby offering great quality and value to the families of the Carolinas. The company got into the production side with its first wine, The Grind, a 2008 Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands. Its second endeavor is Muddy Boots, a single vineyard series from Oregon created to educate people about and represent the various American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) and terroir within the Willamette Valley.

Grapevine Distributors is a successful family run business. The strength of the company and service Grapevine has built, the people it employs, and in combination with the best cover to cover wine portfolio in the Carolinas is a testimony to Betty's vision and mission she set out to accomplish over 20 years ago.

Grapevine Founders
Grapevine Founders

What Makes Grapevine Different?

There are many things that make Grapevine Distributors a standout among its peers.

Grapevine was founded as and remains a closely held family business for over 20 years. The company treats all of its employees like family creating an environment of familiarity, cooperation, and camaraderie between the entire team. The drivers, warehouse, administration, sales people, management, and ownership all work together to make Grapevine the best distributor in the Carolinas.


How We Select Our Wines

Grapevine is always on the search for the next great wineries around the world. The company is looking for families who are making wine better and / or marketing them differently than others are currently.




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Curico Valley

Apaltagua Winery, owned by the Tutunjian family, specializes in small production, appellation?based wines from Chile.

Apaltagua?s 65?year?old vineyards are located throu

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